Watch Movie Property Is No Longer a Theft (1973) Full

Watch Full Movie :Property Is No Longer a Theft (1973)
  1. Vote: 7.0

  2. Quality: BRRip

  3. Genre: Comedy, Drama

  4. Starring: Ugo Tognazzi, Flavio Bucci, Daria Nicolodi, Mario Scaccia
  5. Director: Elio Petri
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Storyline:  Property Is No Longer a Theft (1973) Total, a young bank cashier, has been wondering for some time if his life, with its grey, dismal prospect, is worth living. He is aware of the illicit careers and rise to riches of many of his clients. He decide to start a new life : new clothes, new cars, new women. His "new look" begins discreetly, a few small robberies in supermarkets, progressing to more important fraud.

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