Watch Movie Louie Anderson Presents (2011) Full

Watch Full Movie :Louie Anderson Presents (2011)
  1. Vote: 5.6

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Documentary, Comedy

  4. Starring: Louie Anderson, Lukas Seely, Al Jackson, Jon Wilson
  5. Director: Scott L Montoya
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Storyline:  Louie Anderson Presents (2011) Louie Anderson is one of the most versatile and successful comedians working in Hollywood today, loved by the television audiences who never missed his nightly hit series "Family Feud" or his appearances on late night chat shows. He is adored by standing-room-only crowds in Las Vegas and respected by readers of his books. He is worshiped by the rising comics he mentors and encourages with his honesty and wisdom Louie brings his favorite comics together for one hilarious night, with performances by Louie Anderson's comedy camp graduates Lukas Seely, Chuck Roy, Jon Wilson and veteran comedian Al Jackson. Filmed in front of a sold out audiences at San Bernardino's 1,700 seat Historic California Theatre of the Performing Arts for Showtime, LOL Comedy brings you Louie Anderson Presents.

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