Watch Movie Carry On... Follow That Camel (1967) Full

Watch Full Movie :Carry On... Follow That Camel (1967)
  1. Vote: 6.1

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

  4. Starring: Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey
  5. Director: Gerald Thomas
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Storyline:  Carry On... Follow That Camel (1967) Bertram Oliphant West (also known as Bo West) wants to clear his unjustly smeared reputation. He joins the Foreign Legion, with Simpson his manservant in tow. But the fort they get posted to is full of eccentric legionnaires, and there is trouble brewing with the locals too. Unbeknown to Bo, his lady love has followed him in disguise...

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