Watch Movie Scarlet Angel (1952) Full

Watch Full Movie :Scarlet Angel (1952)
  1. Vote: 6.4

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Western

  4. Starring: Yvonne De Carlo, Rock Hudson, Richard Denning, Whitfield Connor
  5. Director: Sidney Salkow
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Storyline:  Scarlet Angel (1952) In 1865 New Orleans, sea captain Truscott goes to the notorious Scarlet Angel saloon, where he meets rapacious Roxy McClanahan, as rough and tough as he is. Despite his best efforts, Roxy manages to make off with Truscott's bankroll, and flees with war widow Linda Caldwell. Luck favors Roxy with a chance to slip into Linda's identity, and luckier still, Linda proves to have had wealthy in-laws in San Francisco, who are happy to give their new relation a chance to become a "lady." But inevitably, Truscott re-appears...

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