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Watch Full Movie :Loving Leah (2009)
  1. Vote: 7.0

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Drama, Romance

  4. Starring: Lauren Ambrose, Adam Kaufman, Susie Essman, Harris Yulin
  5. Director: Jeff Bleckner
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Storyline:  Loving Leah (2009) When his estranged brother dies suddenly, Jake Lever is confronted with an old Jewish custom. In days past, a man was expected to marry his deceased brother's childless widow, but it is now customary to perform a ceremony releasing the pair from the obligation. During the Halizah ceremony, Jake feels uncomfortable renouncing his brother's memory. Additionally, Leah wishes to escape the confines of her orthodox community and avoid her mother's matchmaking. On the spur of the moment, Leah and Jake decide to enter into a platonic marriage of convenience.

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