Watch Movie Public Sex (2009) Full

Watch Full Movie :Public Sex (2009)
  1. Vote: 4.4

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Comedy, Drama

  4. Starring: Luke Treadaway, Kate Heppell, Richard Riddell, Sammy T Dobson
  5. Director: Simon Ellis
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Storyline:  Public Sex (2009) The perils, pitfalls and wrong turns of romance in the 21st century. Aspiring journalist Dan expected so much more after graduation, but with no leads, little motivation and a girlfriend who would rather cozy up to her boss in the office, it's not exactly as he planned. In a bid to get his life back on track and coerced by his womanizing flatmate, Dan is introduced to the local al fresco sex scene. Encountering an array of weird characters looking for their dubious highs, it soon becomes clear that the scene is ripe for an expose. Dropping his inhibitions in the name of research, Dan becomes a reluctant pawn on the car park circuit, where he meets Laura and the totally unexpected happens.

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