Watch Movie Dan Oniroku: Shojo mokubazeme (1982) Full

Watch Full Movie :Dan Oniroku: Shojo mokubazeme (1982)
  1. Vote: 6.8

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Thriller

  4. Starring: Serina Nishikawa, Shiro Shimomoto, Asami Ogawa
  5. Director: Fumihiko Kato
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Storyline:  Dan Oniroku: Shôjo mokubazeme (1982) So, it's called The Girl and Wooden Horse Torture. Meh, that name kinda stinks since the Wooden Horse is barely in it. How about The Girl Who Cried Rope! Talking about a nightmare film for someone suffering from Merinthophobia.Without subs it's obviously kinda tough to know exactly what's going on, but I can tell you what I got out of the story. It revolves around a young female student who's going cuckoo over cuckoo bondage fantasies. The story revolves around her and her teacher who have this taboo relationship where desires are exploding all over the place. People are being set-up, giving in to desires, blood on undies, and of course the main star of the film, rope.The flick at a little over an hour was a good film filled with some simple ideas based pretty much around desire, hesitations and probably a bunch of other stuff. With tons of bondage and boobage the film definitely keeps the viewer enticed. And with a story that's also kinda interesting the film moves at a nice pace. If only the film had subs, it may have been even more interesting. Especially the ending where I didn't know if it was an act of kindness or an act of...haha, you'll see.If you're into pinku flicks, stories with bondage, and Japanese girls who moan at the slightest touch, I'd highly recommend you check this flick out. And if you're anything like me you'll also get a good amount of laughs out of it as well.

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