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Watch Full Movie :Antz (1998)
  1. Vote: 6.6

  2. Quality: DVD

  3. Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

  4. Starring: Woody Allen, Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Jane Curtin
  5. Director: Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson
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Storyline:  Antz (1998) In an anthill with millions of inhabitants, Z 4195 is a worker ant. Feeling insignificant in a conformity system, he accidentally meets beautiful Princess Bala, who has a similar problem on the other end of the social scale. In order to meet her again, Z switches sides with his soldier friend Weaver - only to become a hero in the course of events. By this he unwillingly crosses the sinister plans of ambitious General Mandible (Bala's fianc�, by the way), who wants to divide the ant society into a superior, strong race (soldiers) and an inferior, to-be-eliminated race (the workers). But Z and Bala, both unaware of the dangerous situation, try to leave the oppressive system by heading for Insectopia, a place where food paves the streets.

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