Watch Movie The Fox the Child (2007) Full

Watch Full Movie :The Fox the Child (2007)
  1. Vote: 6.9

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Drama, Family

  4. Starring: Bertille Noel Bruneau, Isabelle Carre, Thomas Laliberte
  5. Director: Luc Jacquet
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Storyline:  The Fox the Child 2007 Riding her bicycle on her way to school, a dreamy, ten year old, red haired farm girl decides to take a shortcut through a ruddy and luscious autumn forest, somewhere in the mountainous region of eastern France Unexpectedly, the young girl encounters a bright eyed red fox, however, the untamed wild animal flees in an instant, leaving her longing to meet again Since then, a whole winter has passed and still no sign of the elusive fox, but with the arrival of spring, the girl determined to find the animal, finally locates its den and an ambitious effort to grow accustomed to each other begins As we witness a succession of compelling scenes, lost inside the enchanting and breathlessly exquisite landscape, we observe the bond between a human and a savage animal grow gradually stronger, yet, a wish and question emerge If only we, humans, could talk to the wild beasts, and if we could, could we ever become friends

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