Watch Movie The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus 1985 Full

Watch Full Movie : The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus 1985
  1. Vote: 7.6

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family

  4. Starring: Earl Hammond, Earle Hyman, Larry Kenney
  5. Director: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.
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Storyline:   The Great Ak calls a council of the Immortals to ask that Santa Claus be given immortality. And to justify it, he tells the history of Santa Claus. The Ak found an abandoned baby and gave it to a lioness and a fairy to raise, who named him Claus. When Claus grew up, the Great Ak showed him the evil and hardship in world and Claus decides to live there and relieve some of the suffering. He decides to make toys for orphans, but King Agua, the ruler of the valley where Claus lives doesn't want the chidren to be happy. and there is a great battle among Immortals

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