Watch Movie 4 48 (2014) Full

Watch Full Movie :4 48 (2014)
  1. Vote: 4.4

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Aurelie Houguenade, Jean Marie Galey, David Chausse
  5. Director: Jacky Katu
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Storyline:  4 48 2014 Anais, a young and talented theater actress, is so committed to her new role as Sarah Kane in Psychose 448 that her relationship with her mentor and director, Maurice becomes impossible After another uproar, she decides to leave everything and leaves for London to follow in the footsteps of her heroine Back in France, completely upset by this experience, she decides to make a clean sweep of the past by separating from her lover and falling in love with a woman called Justine Can she pull herself back from the edge of the abyss before its too late

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