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Watch Full Movie :Clowns in the Woods (2021)
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  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Horror

  4. Starring: Dalton Letta, Roselyn Kasmire, Biz LaChance
  5. Director: Adrian Esposito, Curt Markham
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Storyline:  Clowns in the Woods 2021 Marcus, a young man with a disability, is bullied and killed after a prank goes wrong In the afterlife, he meets a group of ghostly clowns who help him exact revenge on those who have wronged him These killer clowns have their own slapstick methods of causing death and destruction One of Marcuss few friends in life was his neighbor Amy, a lesbian college student As the deaths pile up, Amy is determined to learn the deadly secret behind the recent wave of murders, not realizing that she may be putting herself and her loved ones in danger 

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