Watch Movie Knots A Forced Marriage Story (2020) Full

Watch Full Movie :Knots A Forced Marriage Story (2020)
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  3. Genre: Documentary

  4. Starring: Fraidy Reiss, Sara Tasneem, Nina Van Harn
  5. Director: Kate Ryan Brewer
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Storyline:  Knots A Forced Marriage Story 2020 Knots A Forced Marriage Story explores the lives of three survivors of forced marriage in America Fraidy is an Ultra Orthodox Jewish teen in Brooklyn when shes coerced into marrying an abusive man In Michigan, young Christian Ninas father forces her to marry a man he chose In California, Sara is fifteen when shes kidnapped by her father and forced to marry a 28 year old man Each of them face an unimaginable journey Each must find the strength to survive, and thrive Fiscal Sponsorship provided by The Film Collaborative

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