Watch Movie Georg Baselitz Making Art after Auschwitz and Dresden (2009) Full

Watch Full Movie :Georg Baselitz Making Art after Auschwitz and Dresden (2009)
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  3. Genre: Documentary, History

  4. Starring: Georg Baselitz, Norman Rosenthal
  5. Director: Michael Blackwood
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Storyline:  Georg Baselitz Making Art after Auschwitz and Dresden 2009 Georg Baselitz Making Art after Auschwitz and Dresden explores the artists brilliant career through his 2007 retrospective exhibition at Londons Royal Academy of Arts Accompanied by curator Norman Rosenthal, who first exhibited paintings by Baselitz in the early 1970s, the artist discusses painting, sculpture and the trajectory of his work The exhibit emphasizes Baselitz ability to create imagery that deals unflinchingly with his position as a post war artist In responding to contemporary experience and exploring his own painterly instincts, Baselitz creates symbols which reflect deep rooted human dilemmas and concerns 

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