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Watch Full Movie :An American Tragedy (2018)
  1. Vote: 7.4

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Documentary, Crime

  4. Starring: Jim Hall, Sue King, Jeffrey Ferguson
  5. Director: Lisa Rhoden Boyd
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Storyline:  An American Tragedy 2018 Death row inmate Jeffrey Ferguson pulled into a Mobil gas station on a chilly night in February 1989 The attendant Kelli Hall was dipping the tanks, closing up for the night Mr Ferguson was her last customer She was never heard from again until her frozen body was discovered thirteen days later behind an abandoned barn in the snow covered fields of the Missouri Bottoms For 26 years the Hall Family has been waiting for justice to be served and for their daughters death to be vindicated Now condemned prisoner Jeffrey Ferguson has just four hours before he is put to death He must face his final moments and seek redemption for the pain and suffering he inflicted on everyone involved Would you forgive the man who killed your daughter AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, from award winning filmmaker, Lisa Rhoden Boyd POTOSI GOD IN DEATH ROW, follows Jeffery Ferguson in the final days before his execution It is the story of one mans journey to death and another mans journey to forgive 

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