Watch Movie Prey (2010) Full

Watch Full Movie :Prey (2010)
  1. Vote: 5.2

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Adventure, Drama, Horror

  4. Starring: Gregoire Colin, Francois Levantal, Fred Ulysse
  5. Director: Antoine Blossier
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Storyline:  Prey 2010 PREY tells the story of Nathan BEAU TRAVAILS Gregoire Colin who is at a countryside retreat for a Fall family reunion that he expects to be particularly stormy Claire, his wife, has to announce her pregnancy and there are tough decisions that need to be made to prevent the familys pesticides business from closing down But on the first night that the family gathers, a terrorized deer mysteriously attacks Claires father The men decide to venture into the surrounding forest to find the reasons for the animals odd behavior Carrying a shotgun for the first time in his life and witnessing the growing tensions between the men in the family, Nathan soon discovers that hunting season is not over yet Now theyve become the prey Marking the debut film for Antoine Blossier, PREY brings together a special effects team from some of Hollywoods best films 

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