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  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Horror

  4. Starring: Paul Guiles, Shawn Rouillard
  5. Director: Matthew S Smith
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Storyline:  The Glasshead 1998 This black and white 50 min film centers around three young campers who fall prey to a murderous, implacable menace when a campfire tale turns out to be all too real In the 1860s, humble farmer Jebediah Decker lived a simple life with his sick bride But his peaceful world was shattered when three intoxicated hillbillies brutally raped and murdered her, then attacked Jebediah, smashing his head in and leaving him for dead Through a horrible experiment, he is brought back from the edge yet with his newfound life comes an eternity of murderous madness that goes well beyond revenge sparking a legend of horror that continues to the present day

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