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  1. Vote: 7.6

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  3. Genre: Music

  4. Starring: Nathan Ball, Craig Blake, Sally Crooks
  5. Director: Martha Tilston
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Storyline:  The Tape 2021 Tally Green, Cornwalls worst cleaner, is living in a van and making ends meet When she gets a job at an empty cliff top house, she is drawn to the piano and moves in, beginning to write music inspired by its poetic owner and recording it on an old 4 track machine When jaded corporate lawyer Leo arrives in the area, her free spirit helps him evaluate his life choices and they grow closer After a stormy night and a misjudged offer of help, the couple argue and Leo challenges Tally on why shes hiding her talent As they part ways, Tally gives him the only tape of the album shes made Back in London, Leo quits his job to become a writer, meanwhile Tally builds herself up to doing her first small gig in years When a radio DJ discovers the tape, its clear that Tally isnt going to stay hidden for much longer 

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