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Watch Full Movie :The Noel Diary (2022)
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  3. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

  4. Starring: Justin Hartley, James Remar, Bonnie Bedelia
  5. Director: Charles Shyer
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Storyline:  The Noel Diary 2022 Jacob Churcher hasnt been home for almost twenty years not since his mentally ill mother kicked him out of the house when he was just sixteen When a lawyer calls, days before Christmas, to inform him that his estranged mother has passed away and left her house to him, Jacob returns not just to settle the estate but to try and reconcile with the past and the pain and abuse he experienced as a child Also, maybe cleaning out her house will be slightly less depressing than spending the holidays alone, watching re runs of Christmas classics But as it turns out, the house holds more than just difficult memories, Jacobs mother had become a hoarder and he must excavate through two decades worth of clutter 

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