Watch Movie Legally Exposed (1997) Full

Watch Full Movie :Legally Exposed (1997)
  1. Vote: 4.1

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Comedy

  4. Starring: John Lazar, Randall Bosley, Eugene Buica, Thao Nguyen
  5. Director: Hamilton Lewiston
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Storyline:  Legally Exposed 1997 This lusty comedy is compiled from the sexy comedy series Click An archaeologists life long search for a unique relic is rewarded when he finds an object that has the power to turn anyone into a sex starved maniac with the push of a button, or transform them physically from one gorgeous body into another The story, as narrated by the archaeologist, follows his attempts to find the object, by tracing its use by others, after he loses it while using it on a hot hotel maid 

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