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Watch Full Movie :Hatachi no Soru (2022)
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  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Riko Fukumoto, Nobuyuki Hanawa, Sei Hiraizumi
  5. Director: Jun Akiyama
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Storyline:  Hatachi no Soru 2022 Taigi Asano plays the trombone for the Funabashi High School Brass Band He has a bright, kind, and honest personality He also gets along well with the other brass band members He enjoys his time with the band and the influence of Music Teacher Kenichi Takahashi One day, Taigi takes on the challenge to create a cheering song for the high school baseball team With Kenichis support, Taigi creates the fight song Ichifuna Soul After graduating high school, Taigi enters a university and dreams of becoming a teacher like Kenichi While experiencing campus life at his university, Taigi feels something wrong with his body He goes to see a doctor and learns that he has cancer 

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