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Watch Full Movie :Amrapali (1966)
  1. Vote: 6.7

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Musical, Fantasy

  4. Starring: Vyjayanthimala, Sunil Dutt, Premnath Malhotra
  5. Director: Lekh Tandon
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Storyline:  Amrapali 1966 A victory over neighboring state Vaishai has always eluded Magadh Samrat Ajaatshatru despite being winning and taking control over all neighboring states He attacks Vaishali only get defeated again Wounded, lost and on the run, Ajaatshatru dons the guise of a Vaishali soldier and takes shelter with a woman named Amrapali and they fall in love with each other Ajaatshatru finds an ally in Senapati Balbadhra Singh and both start a plot to gain control of Vaishali Vaishali Samrat comes to know about Ajaatshatru and Amrapalis liaison with him, he sentences her with a death penalty Ajaatshatru is enraged at this, he gathers together his armies and storms the unsuspecting Vaishali and virtually burns the city down, killing almost everyone in it This accomplished, he rushes to free his beloved from the dungeons He does set her free but it is not the same Amrapali this Amrapali is quite different She is not at all thrilled to be in the presence of her conqueror lover She teaches him what he won in the battle ground but what he lost in reality 

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