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Watch Full Movie :The Martial Arts Kid (2015)
  1. Vote: 5.5

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Action, Family

  4. Starring: Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Jansen Panettiere
  5. Director: Michael Baumgarten
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Storyline:  The Martial Arts Kid 2015 Robbie Oakes is a delinquent who has acted out after the death of his mother Tired of his antics, his grandmother sends Robbie to Cocoa Beach, Florida to live with his Aunt Cindy and Uncle Glen On his first night, Robbie meets Rina at a local convenience store, but is bullied by Rinas boyfriend Bo The next day after school, Robbie meets Cindy at her beach side restaurant, where they are confronted by another bully Cindy reveals her martial arts skills and Robbie, deciding to turn his life around, turns to Glen to teach him martial arts to begin that change and learn to defend himself As Robbies attitude and fore manner truly changes, he still has Bo to contend with, especially after Rina decides to date Robbie Things come ahead when Bos martial arts teacher, Kaine, is revealed to be an old friend of Glens, but their difference in what martial arts is about makes them enemies When Rina is bullied by Bo, Robbie has had enough and decides to do something once and for all 

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