Watch Movie Chronicle of a Serial Killer (2020) Full

Watch Full Movie :Chronicle of a Serial Killer (2020)
  1. Vote: 5.8

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Thriller

  4. Starring: Steve Stanulis, Dominique Swain, Brendan Sexton III
  5. Director: Steve Stanulis
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Storyline:  Chronicle of a Serial Killer 2020 This thriller takes us on a journey into the twisted mind of a serial killer, and his obsession to fill a void in his heart, by viciously killing women who he believes will ultimately turn out like his mother Henry Brolin lives in an encapsulated world, which is driven from his abusive childhood His agenda is to rid the world of egregious women, who he believes will eventually torture their sons He sets his plan in motion, entrapping the women on the internet Unrenowned to the diabolical torture that lies ahead for each victim, he carefully plots each attack right down to the finest detail Veteran Detectives Jon Bosley and Kelly Smith are assigned the case As they gather evidence against the serial killer, his on going slaughter of women continue to grow, causing an uproar in the city As they get a break in the case, through a botched attempt on kidnapping a victim, a witness catches Brolins plate Detectives Bosely and Smith set a sting for Brolin at his hideaway cabin out of the city limits But Brolin is one step ahead of the cunning detectives and has a plot of his own, engaging one of them to be caught up in his horrifying plan Will this twisted serial killer get the chair Will he spend his days in a psych ward with the hopes of getting out one day What will determine Brolins fate

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