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Watch Full Movie :Lalcova (1985)
  1. Vote: 4.9

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Drama, Romance

  4. Starring: Lilli Carati, Annie Belle, Laura Gemser
  5. Director: Joe DAmato
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Storyline:  Lalcova 1985 An English soldier Cliver returns home from the Zulu war with the daughter of a tribal king Gemser as his slave a gift that he was given for saving the kings life The spoils of war, ya know While hes been gone, his wife has been having an affair with the female housekeeper Belle Not at all pleased with being a slave, the Ebony princess notices the mistress of the house engaging in a quick bit of foreplay with the housekeeper and plots her revenge starting with the seduction of the mistress Jealousy spreads like wildfire and before you know it, she has turned the household into a lustful frenzy of sex and hatred 

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