Watch Movie Perrys Contract (2023) Full

Watch Full Movie :Perrys Contract (2023)
  1. Vote: 3.0

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Romance

  4. Starring: Chris Akwarandu, Bryan Emmanuel, Chidi Nwachukwu
  5. Director: Austin Nwaolie
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Storyline:   Perry, in an attempt to appease his parents following a series of disruptions, makes the decision to enter into matrimony. Seeking a temporary solution to buy himself more time and outsmart his family, he strikes a deal with Mimi, compensating her to pose as his girlfriend. Both parties willingly enter into a contractual agreement that outlines specific terms and conditions. However, when Perry's brother unexpectedly arrives and begins to unravel the truth behind their arrangement, a chain of dramatic events ensues.

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